Meet our Artesans

Meet our Artesans
14 March, 2020
Antiqueologie takes pride in its artisans and their products.  Here are some of their stories. 

Elohim Church of Huisuchi
Elohim Church is at the top of the Tarahumara Mountains in a community called Huisuchi. The Rarámuri are a group of indigenous people of the Americas living in the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. The Rarámuri weave artisan baskets called, “Wares” and they come to Elohim, a Christian church lead by David Quiñonez and Claudia Quiñonez in exchange of food and pantry items. Some women walk up to 6 hours to reach the church and exchange their Wares for some corn and other food products. Wares are baskets generally used to store tortillas, but can be used to store any kind of items. Every purchase will help support the Rarámuri in the Huisuchi Community.

Made Market Co. 
Based in Hays, Kansas.  They are a family team of 3 awesome ladies and 1 handsome man! Their innovative & captivating products are both fun & functional! The beauty of the vessels and overall designs will immediately turn heads! With so many color options & styles, we can enhance any mood or curated space. Our products also seamlessly fit into both trending & timeless design styles. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality & the upmost attention to detail all the way down to functionality.

Vintage Life 
Based in Granite Bay, California.
Vintage Life is located in beautiful Northern California. They have been in the accessories business since 2008. Vintage Life trucker hats are the cutest hats around! We have a team that creates all of our hat designs and we assemble them here in the USA. We strive to provide the best customer service. You can shop with confidence and we promise you will love our products. We appreciate all of our customers!

Library of Flowers 
Based in Denver, CO.
We invite you into the Library of Flowers where moments are captured in artful perfumes waiting to be released upon happy whim. This American Small Batch Perfumery returns to a simpler time with hand drawn illustrations, hand created type and free spirited layout to capture the soulfulness of artisanal craftsmanship.

L'apothicaire Co.
Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
L'apothicaire Co. was born from our love of botanicals and our fascination with unique fragrance pairings. We are a small batch botanical apothecary focusing on curious fragrance assortments in both Candle and Perfume Oil form. Born from a love of timeless vintage ephemera, antiques & curiosities, and the apothecary, we strive to put forth a curiously scented array of fragrances to delight your senses...

Sun Jellies
Sun Jellies is a family run British company created by the seaside in 2012. We have a separate e-commerce store in which we sell our own brand of jelly bags plus some other fun accessories.  Our bags are inspired by vintage designs from the mid century to the nineties. We have five original designs that come in every colour of the rainbow. All Sun Jellies bags are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable. With the trend away from single use bags you will be amazed at the versatility of our bags, from fashion accessory to beach bag, picnic basket to sports bag, shopping basket to home decoration and storage. To clean, simply wipe over with a soapy cloth and rinse with fresh water. A Sun Jellies bag is a unique and memorable gift for all ages and a product retailers can be proud to sell.

If you are an artisan, please feel free to contact us.  We would love to see your products for home, self, and stationary; and share your story!