Vintage Stamp Letters

  • by Evelyn Corral

I don't get letters hardly ever from anyone any more. Everything for the most part comes in the form of an email or text. But there is something special about receiving stationery in the mail—more importantly, personalized letters. About a year ago, I came across a Pinterest post on vintage stamps and decided to buy some of my own. Not knowingly, I thought I would just need a few stamps and make the envelop look fabulous, but most vintage stamps are not equivalent to a single stamp these days. What today would only be a single stamp, would take about 12 stamps to add up to the current value of a stamp. I didn't dare lick the stamp, who knows where they have been—especially if they are super old. So, I used a glue stick and a little creativity to make all of the stamps fit. My friend Karen loved the letter she received in the mail. Surprise someone especial to you! Send them a handwritten letter. 

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