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Antiqueologie is a dream come true.  As I worked in my profession, I had established a routine; which I didn't like and lost myself in the process.  I had to rethink who I was and what I enjoyed doing; like walking in the mornings, reading books for fun, and finding unique items that sparked joy in my life.  I found myself thinking about the day when I retired; that was the day I would get to do the things I really wanted to do; but like we all know, no one has that guarantee.

So, I decided to make the most of everyday.  I quit my job, and ventured off on a dream.  Since then, I have started my podcast, The Correspondent; Antiqueologie became a business, and I can manage my own time; while enjoying the process. 

That is how the Antiqueologie vision came to be.

Antiqueologie's Company Mission is to harbor, create, and promote items of high craftsmanship for the everyday person through storytelling and design. 

In this modern world, everything is fast paced, and items are mass produced; but not here.  You will find yourself learning about the artisan who created your items and even better, you are supporting many small businesses around the world. 

Thank you for shopping Antiqueologie and supporting dreams!